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Welcome to the best 2016 Quibids promo code page! As you can see, we keep our lists tidy, current, and accurate every month!

2016 Quibids Promo Codes

2015 Quibids promo codes are those that can get you a few extra bids that are can be useful. On the other hand, sometimes there are no promo codes at all at Quibids, and you will have to settle for the regular deals on the site. Everyone knows that Quibids is the number one penny auction site do to their countless daily auctions, and their wonderful by it now auction.

The discount codes are usually only for those who are trying to make a bid pack purchase. If you're just trying to land freebies, you won't have much luck winning any auction. If you are on the fence about this site, use one of the below codes and take our word for it that Qui bids is the #1 penny auction website, using discount codes or not.

It's extremely easy to enter your Qui bids bonus/promo code when you click a link on our site. Simply scroll down to the bottom right hand side of the page you are taken to and you will see the area to enter it. It can also sometimes be on the second page of registration.

This section will have all of the new Quibids coupons codes that can get you bonus bids, discounts ,or whatever other promotions that are going on. Sometimes they do have a promo code at and sometimes, they don't. Other times there will be Quibids promotions that are going on, and being the promo central for penny auctions, we will also list any special promo that is going on!

There is no doubt about the fact that this penny auction is the biggest by far. No other site has as many daily items up for grabs. Are they the best though? After careful consideration and much research into the site, we have come up with the answer "yes". Quibids just has the penny auction model nailed down so well because they are not overly greedy. They have such high volume that they can afford slim margins.

What Countries Can Sign-up?

Some of the links listed below will only work in certain countries. So please click on your country when trying to copy the coupon. There are links for USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. is one of the only penny auction sites to service all of these different regions, making them even more popular than they already were.

How Fast is The Shipping?

How fast is the shipping at Quibids in 2015? Is it legit? The shipping is very fast and yes the site is very legit. It is by far our most recommended penny auction bid site for 2016, with or without any additional free bids coupons. You can expect shipping just as fast as any other online store. In the end, all the Quibids coupon codes that are out there sometimes get about 10 bids, and you also get 3 bids for newsletters, etc. Check below for the month specific Quibids 2016 promo code coupons (even for Canada!) and we will always keep you updated.