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Welcome to, where we are focused on providing you all of the latest promo information in the world of penny auctions. Promo codes, coupons and special exclusives, we've got them all. You can search which penny auction site you want specifically and be taken to that category page, or simply have a browse through the main section and see what updates have been made lately. .

We try to include the start date and expiry dates as much as possible so you never get stuck with an expired coupon! We know how annoying that is. Above you will find the most recent penny auction coupons added to our site. The "Featured Listings" are ones that we recommend due to their business practices, customer support and value provided to customers.

2014 Penny Auction Promo Codes

We have all the latest November promo codes for penny auction sites and other auction/deals sites. Don't be surprised to see free bids coupons that offer a few bids here and there for the major sites because that is how it usually goes. Some of the smaller sites will offer 10 bids as well, but, there are only so many auctions going on at any given time on those sites. All we are saying is that if it is possible to win with free bids at all, it is more possible the bigger the site. That's because you can perhaps sneak one by when nobody is paying attention! Anyways, buying an actual bid pack and using a promo code with it to get bonus bids is much better than trying to freewheel it.

All of our coupon codes, discounts and promos have been updated for 2014. Many of the best penny auctions have a lot of cool things going on right now, so it is a great time to sign up.